About Nish Suvarnakar and this blog

As a quick update, I am working on financial reform campaign, spent 2011 in Haiti, and am still digesting.  

I haven’t made a post here in over a year.  Considering closing it down and starting fresh. The only reasons anybody would look at this blog now are:

A. HR person is making sure I am who I claim to be (I am)

B. Stray reporter looking for background on me for a story (super rare)

C. Garden variety stalker (Really I am flattered but respect the restraining order).

The only way that any of these folks finds this is through the Googles. I am planning on writing posts on the more interesting (at least others think so) search results but will at least explain why I am on IMDB.

I lived in West Virginia in 2003 to middle of 2005 and during that time, my beautiful then girlfriend/now beautiful wife was spending about 23 hours a day studying for medical school and I had some time to kill.   I had acted a little in high school and college but had resolved that generously mine was a small town talent.  I saw a post in Morgantown’s free weekly for actors for a dramady by Scott Martin and showed up at the audition and promptly never heard anything about it.  About six months later, Scott calls and asks if I would be interested a small role of bouncer but I would have to drive to Boone County (I think).  I said sure, grabbed my black leather coat some boots and headed down.  I’ll put more thought into the experience but will say that after the shoot, I  never heard anything about this movie (which came out two years later) until someone mentioned I was in IMDB.   That is really it.  Only interesting if you enjoy the utterly banal.  I am not embarrassed by it though admittedly, I have never seen it.  I don’t think its available on Netflix though I don’t have netflix now.  I am pretty sure you wouldn’t know its me unless I pointed it out.  That’s it.  Hope this was informative (for the above A, B, and C Googlers).

(I don’t make any claims that this blog will last beyond the Social Media class at G-town. )

Nish Suvarnakar is a grad student at Georgetown, and works for a national advocacy organization in Washington DC.  He has previously worked on the Obama campaign, The League of Young Voters, and several political campaigns in Pennsylvania.  Before this foray into politics, he ran a small culture and politics -now defunct- zine called, Magazino, and wrote for Pittsburgh Magazine for precisely two minutes.  He has no hobbies and hasn’t been fun since 2001.  He lives with his fiancee, Brooke, in the Columbia Heights neighborhood in Northwest Washington, DC.  They have two cats that play fetch and collect plastic forks respectively.

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