Response#4 The Almost Bibliophile Part 1.

I’ve never considered myself a bibliophile.  I still don’t but do find this culture of citizen book reviews, self-help publishing, and publishing industry-based blogs and interesting sub-group of the online community.  Below is one example:

1. Personal marketing blog turned online committee: ‘Buzz, Balls, and Hype’ written by M.J. Rose, has decent technorati ranking of 78 for what is basically a marketing tool for the, ‘internationally bestselling author of ten novels and two non fiction books,’ that I have never heard of.  Despite its relative popularity, I am surprised that this type of blatant attempt at self-promotion masking as industry and cultural expertise gets any traction at all.  So much of being popular/infamous on the web comes from  prolific writing, transparency, and expertise.  Not to compare apples and oranges, but I often think of the rise of Nate Silver as the seminal expert on calcualting actual polling data on Silver doesn’t have to self-promote his ‘expertise.’  An unwritten rule in blogging seems to be that the moment you put yourself above the online committee (as an expert), is the second you get a bullseye on your chest for bloogers to shoot at.

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