The Cluetrain Manifesto–1st Thoughts

When the Cluetrain Manifesto came out in April of 1999, it was as pretentious as it was visionary.  Released right on the heels of Wachowski Brothers cinematic manifesto, the Matrix, CM probably had more than its share of followers in black leather trenchcoats with Morpheus-like IM handles. Playing to this niche audience is the only explanation I have for opening the 1999 version with Chris Locke’s meandering sometimes unreadable new age discourse (‘Internet Apocalypso’).  If I were in PR then and picked up this book, Locke’s metaphysical dissertation laden with pop-culture and pop-history references, would make me wonder if the patients had taken over the asylum at Perseus Books. That said, if I were reading this online, as it was originally presented, I think I would have told everyone I knew about it, perhaps even wallpapering my dorm walls with the 95 theses (point of order: I may or may not had a black leather trenchcoat in my dorm closet, and I may or may not have been known as Erebus.). Next up: 95 Theses

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