I was looking at the big stack of books that is assigned for the social media class and it made me think of a conversation I had with my mother about how when she and my father were studying medicine in India, they had maybe one or two books. They cherished them, read them repeatedly, and could quote them verbatim. There is no quintessential reading about the online world. Everybody is mostly guessing like cooks with a dozen ingredients and a cursery understanding of what tastes good together.  Shirky’s ‘Here Comes Everybody,’ comes close to being a sous chef, but for the most part, the reader need only partially digest the media around them, crap out 140 character response, and move on to the next meal. I am not fighting this trend-never in history have so many had access to so much. Flatulence is a symptom that some things just can’t be digested. That is origin of the name of this blog and with faith, the theme of this blog. Cryptic? maybe. Self-indulgent and infantile? yes. Welcome to social media. Have you not been? More to come.-ns

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